Major New Vision for Leamington’s Waterfront

We were so excited to hear about the new vision for Leamington’s Waterfront, especially since Seacliff Heights is located just steps away from the shores of Lake Erie. This new project means our future tenants will be able to enjoy the beautiful new paved beach walkway, amphitheatre with hillside seating, pedestrian pier, coffee and wine bar, Marina View Steakhouse and patio, bike paths, and fishing at the end of the pier, all accessible from their new home!

Here is the press release:

Press Release- October 9, 2015

The Municipality is excited to announce it has begun the process of acquiring prime lands located along Leamington’s waterfront.

The acquisition of waterfront lands will help further the Municipality’s overall waterfront vision which seeks to develop a high quality public amenity, accessible, and available to residents and visitors alike.

Over the past year, the Municipality’s strategic goal of seamless waterfront connectivity has started to take shape through initiatives currently underway or in the planning stages such as the federally funded Seacliff Park Waterfront Trail and Beachfront Beautification Project. The Municipality’s goal is to link Seacliff Park and Seacliff Beach to our Municipal Marina and promenade offering connectivity along the waterfront. This unique feature is intended to create a tourist destination connecting visitors with our local community, businesses, restaurants, and attractions.

A local artist has provided an artistic rendering that displays one possible vision for an enhanced waterfront; however, the Municipality will seek public input for alternative concepts to help shape the future development of Leamington’s waterfront.

“The Municipality’s vision includes a mix of public amenities, natural areas, restaurants and entertainment venues” said Mayor John Paterson. “High-quality, sustainable public spaces that encourage tourism and service the local community remain the driver of our plans. It is critical for us to engage the community to ensure we create a destination that is a source of pride for Leamington residents, making Leamington a great place to live, work and play.”


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